Christa Watson 5 years ago • updated by Skye Eve 4 months ago 4

Create new ad based on existing ads like "Create Similar Ad" feature in Facebook. This way you can just hit a button to copy URLs and only have to change photo or titles or ad copy instead of recreating them.

Hey Christa,

Great feedback. Currently in the multi-ad upload you have the ability to bulk edit all of your URLs for the ads you're uploading. However, that doesn't apply to the text or headline. Would you want to see the "create similar" feature during the upload process? Or would you want to be able to go to your ad library and "create similar" ads there?

We are going to be working on a really sleek interface for managing your Facebook creative.  In that, you'll be able to run multivariate tests on images, headlines, and text. Would you be interested in giving us some feedback on the prototypes when we're ready to do some testing? 

*I should mention I'm speaking about the new dashboard*

I just noticed in the ad library I can copy ads, and edit, but I can't do anything with the photos. I think that's the biggest thing that would need to be tweaked.

And of course always interested in betas/prototypes/testing.

Great Christa, we'll loop you in when we get a bit further along on the FB ad tool.  Thanks again for the idea.

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